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Gallery Ring is seeking submissions for I LOVE...  
Artwork of whomever, wherever or whatever you love is eligible
such as a portrait of your best friend, a work of your cherished park or backyard,
your orange kitten, your beloved car, favourite spoon or colour, etc.  
Subjects do not have to be physical and can be conceptual or symbolic,
such as silence, harmony, peace, stillness, activity, energy and noise.  
Abstract and experimental work is also welcome as long it is
an interpretation of something you love that is indicated in the title.

(Each work must be titled specifically with the subject you love.  
For example, "...my dog Fluffy, ...Lisa, my best friend, ...this park,
...me, ...kindness, ...my ceramic vase, ...my pink sweater,
...New York, ...springtime, ...blue, ...peace, etc.)

Many awards are available including
"Best In Show" (cash prize and free-entry voucher),
Diamond Awards of Excellence,
the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Awards, Crystal Awards of Merit and others.

All Winners and random Finalists will be featured
and promoted on Gallery Ring's Instagram during the event.  

Deadline to submit work: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 20TH, 2020
(up until midnight, no matter your time zone)

Exhibition: Late-November 2020

Click here to submit to I LOVE...

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