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Artist eligibility

- must be 18 years or older
- can be emerging or established
- must be able to communicate in English or Spanish


- $30.00 US for portfolio (8 pieces minimum - 12 pieces maximum)
- artist can pay again and submit more than one portfolio if desired
- fee is NOT refundable (even if made in error) and does NOT guarantee acceptance into the show  (only three artists will be selected)


- two-dimensional work is eligible (paintings, drawings, photography, digital, mixed-media, print work, collage and similar media)
- three-dimensional work and video is ineligible (sculpture, jewellery, crafts, fabric, wearable art and similar media)

Artists must provide the following:

- images of artwork - minimum 8 - maximum 12
- Artist Statement - maximum 150 words
- Biography - maximum 150 words
- Title of Portfolio
- Fee - $30.00 US


Gallery Ring looks for originality, mastery of medium, strong overall design and composition and a solid, arresting impression and intention in each artwork.  The portfolio must present a cohesive collection of work.  The pieces must relate to each other clearly by subject, theme or concept and/or show continuity with a signature style or technique.  It should be evident that all the pieces are from the same artist and from the same period of study and exploration of a chosen topic or visual goal.

There isn't any theme for this contest.  The subject matter is the choice of the artist.  All artistic styles are welcome from realistic and traditional to abstract and experimental.

Both an ARTIST STATEMENT and BIOGRAPHY are also required for this contest.  Please note that they are an IMPORTANT factor in the selection process.  If these two documents are not up to the standard requested then the artist's work could be disqualified.  (Please see below for explanations and examples of each.  Each document must NOT exceed 150 words.)

The awards will go to the three artists with the highest quality of work plus the most professional and best overall presentation of their art practice.  This includes Artwork, Biography and Artist Statement.  

Artwork Permitted

4 out of 8 of the pieces submitted may have been in a Gallery Ring show before.  At least 4 must be completely new to Gallery Ring.  If selected, a total of 8 pieces will be shown.  An artist can submit up to twelve pieces for consideration.

Image requirements

- only 1 artwork and 1 frontal viewpoint per image is permissible
- cannot exceed 2MB
- in jpg format (do NOT send JPEG or PNG - they are incompatible with Gallery Ring's software)
- files MUST be labeled -  LAST NAME - Title of Art.jpg  (example WILLIAMS - Cat on Couch.jpg)
- cropped tightly to show only the artwork (frames, mats, background, watermarks are unacceptable)
- clear, without glare and in focus


One Solo Ruby Award, one Solo Sapphire Award and one Solo Emerald Award will be presented to the top three artists.  These three awards do not indicate any superiority over each other, such as 1st, 2nd or 3rd place but rather they are equal but different.  (they will be featured in random order)  Each jewel has its own distinctive personality and brilliance, which is matched to the portfolio that is most suited to it in character, mood and presence according to the insight and sensitivity of the juror.

Award Winners will receive:

-  an online Solo Exhibition on Gallery Ring's website - announced on the Home Page with a link
(the exhibition will include images of 8 works of art, the Artist Biography, Artist Statement and a brief introduction and commentary by the juror)
-  a digital Award Certificate
-  a digital Award Page (pdf) highlighting the event and achievement, that is ideal for their artist portfolio and for sharing the news on websites and social media
-  promotion on Gallery Ring's Instagram page for the duration of the event

Notification of Results

All artists will be notified of the results of the contest through email approximately one week after the deadline.


Artwork does not have to be for sale.  Gallery Ring does not handle sales of art or take a commission but will direct inquiries to the artist.

Newsletter Subscription

Upon submission, artists will be automatically added to Gallery Ring's email list and will receive future announcements and newsletters.  If the artist prefers not to be on this list, he or she can send an email and ask for removal.


- once the submission deadline has been reached, no image substitutions or changes will be permitted
- all artwork must be original and not done with the help of teachers or be copied from work by other artists or photographers
- work that is offensive, violent, vulgar, distasteful, frightening or negative in any way against humans or animals is unacceptable
- all decisions regarding exhibitions and winners are final
- all selected artwork must remain in the exhibition for the entire duration - early withdrawals are not permitted
- artists' contact information will not be shared with any external parties or groups
- Gallery Ring reserves the right to cancel, extend or change exhibition dates at any time



A Biography tells the story of the artist.  It is written in the third person (he or she) and typically provides information such as place of birth and current residence, educational history - especially pertaining to art and includes art career-related achievements and highlights such as awards, exhibitions of note, memberships, representation and activities in the arts, etc.  It often includes influences that prompted the artist's journey or chosen medium or technique etc.  It can have anything that the artist wants others to know about his or her art practice and how it came to be.  It is written in prose, not in a list format such as what would be in a curriculum vitae.  

-  Molly Mason lives in Toronto, Canada where she has been practicing her art for over 20 years.  She has participated in numerous shows, including the prestigious Rosa's Annual Art Show where she received the Gold Medal Award in 2019.  She is represented by the Milton Gallery and has works in private and corporate collections.  Molly is also an active, elected member of the Society of Painters where she often exhibits her vivacious, oil paintings of ladybugs that are recognized and appreciated for their joyous and infectious spirit.

NOTE:  Do not worry if you feel you don't have much to write in your Biography at this time.  This will not affect the juror's decision.  Artists at all stages of their careers are eligible and welcome.  It is important however to write the Biography correctly and in a professional manner.  Its presentation is what matters, not the content itself. ***

Artist Statement

An Artist Statement comes directly from the heart of the artist.  It is written in first person (I) and explains the motivation, inspiration and purpose behind the artist's work as a whole (for this show it needs to relate directly to the portfolio submitted).  It is an opportunity for the artist to express the work's meaning and the desired response and reaction of the viewer.  It can also relay what the artist gains or seeks from the work, such as peace, healing, empowerment, entertainment, freedom, a voice, centering, a place to release frustration, an answer, etc.  The goal could also be technical or aesthetic in nature - perhaps the artist is on an exploratory mission to understand how a certain medium behaves under different circumstances and is treating it like an experiment.  This is a good place to divulge the process, materials or any special techniques employed and perhaps how they help achieve the goal of the artist in making this work unique.  An Artist Statement is artistic itself!  Be artsy!  Dig deep and get emotional if you like!  Be honest and passionate.  Make the reader cry, laugh, relate, contemplate or feel awe and curiosity.  This will serve to increase the viewers' understanding of your artistic vision and message.

-  When I paint I escape.  I am immediately transported to another realm as soon as I pick up my brush.  The endless and repetitive activity of making circular swirls of thick, blue paint is mesmerizing and meditative to me. Tension and negative energy is released.  I return to the studio day after day for this dance with blue, which I have come to depend upon for my emotional well-being.  If a glimpse into this sanctuary of mine is transmitted to the viewer I will rest assured I have done something useful.

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